Client Area

What to wear


I recommend wearing something bold and colorful with a lot of texture and layers to off personality. This is an opportunity for your child or yourself to shine. For children, I usually recommend bare feet for indoor and boots or shoes that compliment their outfit for outside. Choose clothing that has texture, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons, and ruffles. Unique accessories can also help make your pictures "pop!" I'm all about the hats, scarves, jewelry, ties, etc.


It can be difficult to coordinate colors and not look too matchy. I recommend picking a few colors that compliment each other. Look for bright or deep colors (jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple, turquoise, dark pink, etc.) and try to stay away from all white. I also recommend investing in your child's clothing for the session since it does make a huge difference in the final product. Search out local or online boutiques for a more one of kind style.


Choose a style you like and a few colors you like as well. I recommend having the parents dress fashionable, yet simple and focus more on the funky, unique style of the kids. Dark jeans that have a grit to them is always a great choice for parents especially the husband. Continue to think about texture, layers, and color. You may think that certain colors don't go together, but again think out of the box and have fun!


Luscher Farms

Barn, open grassy area, gardens, open field, chickens


George Rogers Park

Brick, river and bridge


Wilsonville (summer/fall)

Park in Wilsonville with open grassy fields that include more brown and neutral colors, wildflowers, trees


Wilsonville park (spring)

Park in Wilsonville with green grassy fields, abundance of wildflowers including lupines, trees


Downtown Waterfront

More of an urban feel


Washington Park

Beautiful landscapes, trees, rolling hills, and pathways


Steven's Meadow

Big open fields, barns and good views


Sunflower fields in Hillsboro

Only available in the summer (July/early August)


Nature park in Beaverton

Big open grassy fields surrounded by picturesque views of trees and mountains.



What is included in my session fee?

Each session include a photo shoot at an agreed upon location, the time and talent of the photographer, professional editing of each image, an online gallery, and the high resolution images.

Do you have a studio?

I have two studios in Portland that are available for indoor sessions. They both require an additional fee to secure for the shoot.

What should I bring to the session?

Please bring clothing and all accessories needed. You can arrive and get your children dressed at the session if you are worried about them getting messy on the way. Please also bring chap-stick/lip gloss and wipes for children. To be extra prepared, bring snacks and a favorite toy to comfort them if they are feeling overwhelmed at the session.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Portland is rainy so we definitely deal with this issue and we just roll with the punches. We can go play in the rain if it is light or reschedule for another date or plan for an indoor shoot if it is really bad. Not a problem:)

How long will it take to receive my photos?

I will post sneak peek photos on on Instagram/Facebook about 1-2 weeks after the shoot and you will receive your online gallery with all your images in 2-4 weeks.

Will I have full ownership to the photos?

Yes, once delivered, you have the rights to do whatever you would like with the photographs. I do, however, ask for credit by name for any businesses that use my work for any public or marketing purposes and that the photos are not altered in any way including adding filters on social media.

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